5 Street Foods You Must Try in Santa Marta, Colombia

5 Street Foods You Must Try in Santa Marta, Colombia

  • Frappe Caribeno:  a delicious fruit smoothie for less than $1.  You can catch the locals pushing a Frappe cart down the streets or in the middle of the town plaza.  There are a variety of flavors to try including: strawberry, cantaloupe, etc. We had at least four tiny cups at a day to beat the Santa Marta heat.  

  • Tamales:  on the corner of Calle 5 and 12 streets you will find the tamale guy and a line of locals.  For $1, you can purchase a delicious, banana-leaf-wrapped tamale. The chicken tamale has a whole piece of chicken baked inside the surrounding rice.  For an extra .50 cents, you can buy a bag of mystery pink juice that you drink through a straw poked into the bag (like an archaic Capri Sun).

  • Arepas:  also on the streets of Santa Marta, you can get a stuffed arepa.  An arepa is a flat, round, and puffy ball of maize dough. They are grilled on a flat top grill right in front of your eyes and served up nice and hot. The ones in Santa Marta are then split in half and stuffed with delicious cheese, avocado and meat.  You’ll find various street carts throughout the city selling these amazing arepas. While we were waiting in line for ours, the local bus pulled over and the arepa cart guy was selling to people out of the bus windows!

  • Loaded Fries:  at Calle 17 street there are so many choices of street foods to try.  One of the most impressive plates was a cart that was pushing out piles of fries loaded with all kinds of goodies.  We sat one night and watched the whole process, from peeling and boiling potatoes, to grilling hot dogs, to piling on all the fixings like cheese, lettuce, ketchup, mayonnaise, potato chips, etc.  The result is a plentiful pile of potatoes that you have to eat with a fork.


  • Juice/Smoothies:  At various restaurants and carts, you can purchase fresh fruit smoothies.  You literally stand at the cart, choose your favorite fruits and watch them being blended into a delicious drink.  We found a new favorite drink which was made with zapote and milk. This zapote juice tasted just like a chocolate or fig milkshake.  We also enjoyed trying new fruits, like lulo, mixed into our drinks.


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